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About Actopia

Consistently exceeding expectations

The history

Active Technology van outside The Friary on Rickfords Hill in Aylesbury

In 1993 Active Technology was founded – now the computer maintenance, IT support and repair arm of the Actopia group of companies.  In later years it was joined by other brands such as Active MediaForge, for Internet and web solutions, and Active PC, a computer building and sales department.  In 2003, and what now appears to be a 10-year cycle, the company adapted to the growth it was experiencing and the name Actopia came to encompass these three brands—it was no coincidence that this name sounds like utopia.  By 2012 the Actopia logo was realised and later refined.  Now decades later, Actopia is adapting once again to a changing marketplace and economy by embracing new technologies, like VoIP telephony, to continue to be the only resource for your technology needs.

The brand

Ahead of our 30th year in business, we’re updating Actopia’s brand, with a modern website on the way.  It is to reflect a refreshed approach and direction—along with investment and the same great people you’ve come to know and trust—as we begin to deliver ‘Next-level technology.’  Take a look back at our brand over the decades.

Active Technology. Making computers make sense. Actopia Communications Actopia | technology. evolved. Actopia. Next-level technology.

The Actopia Way

We believe that information is the blood of business, where the computers, phones and networks are the heart and arteries that move it around.  Just as clogged arteries or a malfunctioning heart can lead to serious complications, so can a badly implemented or unreliable IT system.  We think far too many Internet and technology companies have lost sight of the human element of business.  When you work with Actopia you'll discover that we focus on the customer as much as we focus on the technology—after all, it can only be as good as the people who deliver it.

The difference

Actopia provides a wide range of technology solutions and services to its clients from both business and government, to home users.  In over 20 years we have earned a great reputation for offering only the highest possible performance in everything we do.  Several business excellence awards have proven our team to be the trusted choice.  Whatever you need—from a business phone system to a multi-user computer network installation with full service level agreement, or just a reliable business computer—we will not compromise our reputation by competing on price alone!