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Enterprise-grade e-mail in the cloud

always on, device-agnostic messaging

The status quo

For a small to medium sized organisation e-mail is critical for communication, not just with customers but between staff too.  For over 20 years Actopia has been installing Microsoft solutions to help organise the day-to-day e-mail, calendar, tasks of an SME.  Typically this has required a powerful server to sit in a dedicated room, or in some cases the corner of an office!  They're noisy, expensive and—quite frankly—a liability if not properly and regularly maintained.

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The revolution

It’s changed the way we work and think around growing our organisation.

Something quite remarkable is happening now to the way we communicate in and out of the office, and its all to do with this thing called the cloud.  It's a collective name for an unimaginable amount of servers and power being clustered together in a secure location, accessible by increasingly always-on always-connected devices.

Now you can harness the power of a fully managed enterprise-grade on-premise solution for low monthly cost per user per month.

Must-have features

  • Microsoft 365 licensing
  • 50GB per mailbox
  • Up to 10 email address aliases
  • Outlook Anywhere access (RPC over HTTPS)
  • Outlook Web App (true Outlook functionality in a web browser)
  • Instant ‘push’ email
  • Organisation-wide address list
  • Shared calendars, tasks and contacts
  • ‘Manage Cloud’ Active Directory management
  • Distribution lists and mail-enabled contacts
  • Multiple domains
  • Access multiple inboxes from Outlook
  • Delegate access
  • Mobile ‘Push & Sync’ technology
  • Sync with smart phone/tablet
  • Remote mobile data wipe
  • On/off anti-spam and anti-virus protection
  • Instant activation
  • Up to 40MB attachment size per e-mail
  • Web-based management



  • Multiple UK-based data-centres
  • Data replication for peace-of-mind
  • Every mailbox hosted on multiple servers for ultra resilience
  • 99.99% financially-backed SLA
  • Weekly total data back-up + 30 day real-time e-mail flow archive
  • Award-winning support

Optional extras

  • Outlook PC licence
  • Outlook Mac licence
  • Upgrade to e-Gateway Mail for enhanced anti-spam and anti-virus protection




Did you know?  Your business is likely eligible for a grant covering ⅔ the cost of any IT/Telecoms project that contributes to an increased in flexible working.  Application is easy – contact us for details!