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Enterprise spam filtering

e-mail washing, that’s also a saviour

What’s the problem?

If you’ve already invested in an e-mail system, whether it’s a few mailboxes or hundreds, there are still security risks to consider.  Trying to filter out the barrage of spam, viruses, phishing and adult content messages can be time consuming and a frustrating distraction from core projects.

Spam is just annoying unsolicited commercial e-mail, usually peddling pills, stocks and dubious investment opportunities.

A virus infection can cost a significant amount of time and money.  If an infected e-mail is triggered by human error it can quickly spread across the organisation, necessitating a significant clean-up operation.  Worse still, many viruses silently install e-mail distribution software to further proliferate the sending of spam.  Suddenly you are infecting customers, suppliers, friends and family, because viruses look for address books on the infected computer and network.  And worse of all, if left unchecked viruses can open back doors for unethical hackers to steal and leak valuable company information.

A phishing e-mail is a forged message purporting to be from a legitimate source such as a financial institution or social network.  Some of them are so obviously fake, but some are very sophisticated and can fool even the seasoned computer user.  If the instructions within these messages are followed—usually some security alert—then it can have devastating effects on your personal and company identity and financial security.

All it takes is one drowsy staff member to click on the wrong thing on Monday morning before they’ve had their cup of coffee!

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What’s the solution?

Introducing e-Gateway Mail by Actopia.  It provides advanced filtering of spam, viruses, phishing and adult content messages for your e-mail system, whatever its set-up.  Your inbound e-mail is routed to our servers first allowing e-Gateway to scan each message and its attachments (even hidden ones) for viruses.  Using the industry standard SpamAssassin, custom configured, e-Gateway also assesses whether each message is spam.  It performs a series of tests to score the message for undesirable content.

Messages that stay below a threshold (adjustable) are instantly forwarded to your main e-mail server and users receive their e-mail as normal.  Virus infected messages are deleted and messages identified as spam are stored for review then deleted after a pre-determined period.

Why Actopia’s email filtering?

We know that most e-mail applications come with anti-spam, and this is usually enough for individuals and sole traders.  However, the filtering takes place on the local computer and therefore it’s unable to prevent spam/virus messages from being seen on webmail and mobile devices.  Our filtering sits between the Internet and your e-mail server, so all you see is the e-mail you want to see, wherever and however you connect.

In a nutshell, e-Gateway Mail:

  • Scans inbound messages before they reach your e-mail server
  • Requires no additional servers or software in your organisation
  • Is maintained and its software is updated by Actopia
  • Needs no changes to your e-mail applications, on any device
  • Has no noticeable increase in e-mail delivery time
  • Is straight-forward to deploy
  • Requires no transferring of domains or assets
  • Can act as a complimentary system to your existing security policy
  • Is competitively priced

How much is e-Gateway Mail?

e-Gateway Mail enquiry

How many e-mails daily?

Incoming e-mails.  To help you with your enquiry, and to give you an idea of cost, we need a rough idea of the number of e-mails you organisation receives on a daily basis.  This should be easy to assess if you currently do not have any kind of filtering.  If you use Junk E-mail filtering in Outlook, you should include these in your estimate.  If a third-party manages your filtering, you should contact them for stats.
If you would like a no obligation trial or a tailored quotation, please enter your details below.

Privacy policy.

Good news!  Your first month is free.

Robust enterprise-grade e-mail filtering is more cost effective that you might think.  Starting from only £25 per month, you can rest assured that your staff and you are being protected from some of the most harmful social engineering attacks on your system.

After we’ve determined the daily number of e-mails you need to filter, we can give you a quotation for the monthly cost.  We will need to liaise with your ISP and configure DNS records for your domain(s).  If you have incoming e-mail on more than five domains, additional setup costs may apply.  There is a minimum contract period of 12 months.