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Case studies of IT installations

An overview of some typical organisations

Case I: Commercial printers — 24 users, 2 sites

Without fuss or drama Actopia more than meets our expectations.  Its staff speak plain English and do not try to complicate matters.

Referred by an existing client, this large commercial printing organisation had been suffering poor IT performance and support from their existing local service provider.

Actopia provided a free-of-charge, comprehensive review of the system, identifying many cost efficiencies and improvements that could be made.  Once engaged, Actopia implemented the changes over a weekend, thus minimising downtime.  Since then, Actopia has implemented the following technologies to improve the client’s business:

The client has reported dramatic increases in productivity and staff satisfaction, and Actopia is proud to be part of the client’s continued growth and success.

Case II: Business consultancy — 14 users, multiple remote sites

This client has a significant number of mobile users who require access to corporate e-mail and database applications.  Actopia has recently installed a much simplified head-office server system running Microsoft Server 2012 coupled with Microsoft Office 365.  Connectivity is provided through BT Infinity, giving 80Mb download and 20Mb upload; a 22Mb ADSL link is bonded to this and will take over in the event of the main link failing.

Due to this client’s dependence on e-mail communication and real-time collaboration, the DSL line has been implemented in bonded/failover mode, which engages immediately should the main link experience problems, thereby ensuring total availability at all times.  All remote users now connect to the internal systems via a secure VPN connection.

On the strength of our technical solution to their previously over-complicated and unreliable systems, Actopia was awarded an outsourcing contract for the provision of a wide range of support services.

Case III: A high-tech manufacturing concern — 30 users, 3 sites

This organisation occupies three sites, one head office and two satellite offices separated by 30 miles.  They required centralised, e-mail, Internet connection and access to corporate databases.

The primary site hosts a Microsoft Small Business Server 2008r2 system, handling file and print activities, Exchange e-mail and SQL databases.  The secondary office has an ADSL connection providing Internet and e-mail connectivity which is accessed by the tertiary site over an existing leased line.

Actopia will shortly be handling an office relocation for this client.

Case IV: Chemical manufacturing company — 200 users

This organisation occupies sites all around the world, and has a head office located in Milton Keynes.

For in excess of eight years Actopia has been their sole IT supplier handling all aspects of installation, support, connectivity as well as providing outsourced IT management services to the board.

Case V: A parts distribution organisation — 50 users

This client operates from a single site.  Their IT systems comprise approximately 50 client PCs running Microsoft Office 2010 connected to a Unix/Pick accounting system, a Microsoft Windows 2012 & Exchange server and an internally hosted Windows 2008 web server.

Other Cases

We are happy to engage with any size of organisation in any industry area.  We act for small accountancy practices, telecoms companies, engineering concerns, parts distributors, solicitors, pension trust companies, a lighting manufacturer, etc.