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Off-site backup in the cloud

A tape-drive is not a DataVault

Data responsibility

Causes of lost data

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“70% of businesses that suffer a major data Loss are out of business within 18 months.” – Source: DTI
“80% of businesses that suffer a major data loss or failure for more than 24 hours close within a year.” – Source: Gartner
“25% of all PC users suffer from data loss each year.” – Source: Gartner

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How much storage?

Storage in bytes, roughly.  GB means gigabytes.  To give you an indication of size 1GB will store roughly 200 high quality MP3 files, or 200 print quality photos.  A single mailbox can easily run to 2-3GB in a couple of years if you do not delete large attachments.  Typically most clients opt to backup everything for peace-of-mind, so to understand your storage requirements look at the 'used space' of your computer's drive (for personal users), or shared drive (for company users).  TB means terabytes (1TB = 1,024GB).
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Privacy policy.

Are you responsible for the security of data and documents in your organisation?  Imagine, your onsite backup is lost due to fire or theft.  Maybe you already have a portable backup, but how sustainable is it?  Could you risk unencrypted data falling into the wrong hands?  What is your insurer’s position on data loss?  Could you recover?  Now, can you continue to chance it without a secure off-site backup solution?

Business continuity

Disaster recovery is our priority when we consider 70% of businesses don’t survive after significant data loss.  DataVault from Actopia is a complete solution to give you peace-of-mind to concentrate on what you do best.  We can encrypt your data and send a daily backup over the Internet to our secure facility.

Incredible flexibility and support

Unlike our competitors, we don’t limit the number of machines, or the type of machines you can back up.  Be they Workstation or Server, you simply pay for the amount of storage you require, and then can backup the data of as many machines as you wish within that limit.

Furthermore, our service is fully managed – that is, we provide full support and assistance to help you get started, manage and if necessary, restore your data.  You can count on our 20+ years in the IT support industry to ensure your business is protected.

With storage starting from just £2 per 5GB, why not enquire today?