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Computer hardware supply

From a single notebook to bulk consignments

Single orders

For over 20 years we have been helping small businesses, charities and home enthusiasts with single orders to meet specific and non-specific requirements.  Buying something off the web can be a daunting experience if you're not sure what you're looking for.  Actopia fills this gap in knowledge with several years of combined experience in buying and using the latest computer technology.  As a result our prices can seem a bit dearer, but our clients recognise that with it comes this invaluable expertise.

Special bid

In some circumstances, we work with distributors to achieve special bid pricing.  It's worth keeping Actopia in mind because buying through us could be cheaper than you think, and you get our years of expertise which you just don't get from others nowadays.

Office fit-out

Whether it's 10 notebooks, or 100 plus all the associated peripherals, we can work with you to maximise cost savings and deliver value to your company and your staff.  In over 20 years we've helped start-up businesses, charities, local government and our most loyal clients specify and cost all manner of IT installations, delivering on time and within budget.


As the nerve centre of any organisation, the server plays a crucial role in communications and information sharing.  We can specify servers for any size and function.  Moreover, if you have a cloud strategy in place we have the perfect hybrid solution to maximise data availability and communications flexibility.