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TritonVoIP FAQ

Frequently asked questions about VoIP

Unconvinced by Voice-over-IP?

This is completely understandable.  One of the common misconceptions about Voice-over-IP telephony, as it was an emerging technology, is that it’s unlike a normal phone system.  In fact, TritonVoIP is just like a normal business phone system but with many more features and flexibility.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) enables you make telephone calls over the Internet.  With VoIP, phone calls go over your Internet connection instead of back and forth to the phone company.

Why is VoIP being promoted so heavily now?

VoIP has been around for decades, but has really only gained mass-market appeal in the last 10 years.  Up until now, slow and unreliable Internet connections meant it remained a niche market.  The constant advancement of the Internet and computer technology has dramatically improved the quality and reliability of VoIP telephone calls.  Combined with substantial cost savings, as well as superior flexibility, it has resulted in VoIP beginning to replace the traditional PBX/dedicated phone line based systems.  It is estimated that VoIP will account for 80% of global voice communication by 2020.

Can I call people who have regular telephones?

Yes, you can call any number with the Actopia TritonVoIP system, including landlines and mobile phones, anywhere in the world.

Can people reach employee extensions directly?

An extension can always be reached by calling the main office number and transferring to the extension, but for additional monthly charges you can get a number that is directly accessible.  This is known as a DID (Direct Inward Dial).

Can I make conference calls?

Yes, the Actopia TritonVoIP system includes at least one conference bridge.  Each conference bridge supports up to eight simultaneous callers, and can be used for an unlimited amount of time.  For larger conferences, we can provide an alternative service at an additional cost.

Can I use my credit card / franking / fax machine on VoIP?

It is not recommended that a client uses a VoIP service for handling credit card transactions.  We recommend our clients keep an analogue line for these types of services.

Does Actopia provide Internet connections?

Yes, Actopia has a number of recommended ISPs, and our sales team will be happy to help you find a provider based on your particular needs and circumstances.

Can other things I am doing on my network interfere with my telephone calls?

Other things you are doing on your Internet connection could interfere with your calls.  For example, large downloads can use up a lot of your Internet capacity, which can get in the way of other transmissions.  That said, it is very unlikely to happen in the majority of circumstances.

How do I make sure my calls don’t get interfered with on my network?

You could get a separate Internet connection for your phone calls.  Alternatively, you can install inexpensive network equipment at your site that will give priority to your phone calls.  Actopia’s sales team will be happy to advise.

What features does the Actopia TritonVoIP system have?

Actopia’s TritonVoIP system supplies almost every feature you can think of.  Here is a partial list of the features TritonVoIP provides:

  • Online account management
  • Review payment history
  • Review call history by extension
  • Assign and manage extensions
  • Conference calling
  • Assign features by extension
  • IVR configurable menus and personalised messages
  • Interactive voicemail configuration
  • Forward voicemail to e-mail
  • Forward text e-mail messages as voicemail
  • Personalised name announcement
  • Personalised greeting
  • Three-way calling
  • Speed dial
  • Call forwarding and following
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID with name
  • Call return
  • Caller ID block
  • Anonymous call rejection (ACR)
  • Do not disturb (DND)
  • Last number redial
  • Local numbers
  • International local numbers
  • 0800 and ‘vanity’ numbers
  • Analogue-adapted (ATA) and SIP phones
  • Soft-phone compatible
Are there any optional extras with the TritonVoIP phone system?

Additional options are available with the TritonVoIP system, including:

  • Wallboard monitoring of outbound calls
  • Additional simultaneous calls
  • Additional telephones
  • Freephone numbers (0800 etc.)
  • Different kinds of telephones including cordless
  • Limited emergency calling services
  • Fax lines or Internet fax service
Can I have an Automated Attendant, with professionally recorded greetings?

Yes.  An automated attendant, also called a interactive voice response (IVR) system, is available with the TritonVoIP telephone system.  The IVR can say and do whatever you want, for example, "press one for sales, two for support, or three for accounts"

If you prefer a more polished presentation, Actopia can have your greetings professionally recorded for you.  There is a charge for this service, and Actopia’s sales team will be pleased to advise you.

Can I manage my own PBX?

Each user can manage their own extension via a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.  From the browser you can see detailed call records, customise your call forwarding settings or manage your voicemail or voicemail settings, for example.

Can I have a free-phone (0800) number?

You can purchase as many free-phone numbers as you would like.  There are per-minute charges to you for calls made to your free-phone number.

Can I have additional local numbers?

Yes, you can purchase additional local telephone numbers in most areas of the United Kingdom.  For example, you can have a local number for your business in London, and another local number in Edinburgh, although you do not need to be situated in either of these places.

Can I have local numbers in foreign countries?

Yes.  You can purchase local telephone numbers for many countries worldwide.  Check with Actopia’s sales team for pricing and availability.  There is no per-minute charge for calls made to your local number in a foreign country.  For example, if you have a local number in Zurich, Switzerland, a call made from Zurich to your telephone number in Zurich is a local call for the calling party.  The caller dials the number in Zurich, but your office phones ring wherever the phones are actually located.

Can I have a vanity number, such as 01296 330330?

Yes.  These numbers are subject to availability, so please contact Actopia’s sales team for information and pricing.

Can I record telephone calls?

Yes.  You can choose to record some or all calls.  Recorded calls are saved as .wav files.

Can I send and receive fax documents?

Yes.  The best way to send and receive fax documents is by using an Actopia fax-to-email account.  Any fax you get will be sent to your e-mail.  Although it is possible to purchase a VoIP analogue terminal adaptor (ATA) to use with a physical fax machine, we don’t recommend this as VoIP isn’t designed to work with old-style fax machines.  We recommend you have a traditional analogue line for your fax, credit card or franking machine.  Typically, most broadband connections have an analogue line as well, so this is rarely an issue.

Can I have remote telephones?

Yes, Actopia’s TritonVoIP system supports multiple geographic locations.  You can put a phone anywhere you have an Internet connection, even a different country, and TritonVoIP will find and register the phone.

Can I make emergency calls?

Yes, but not in certain cases.  Bear in mind that if your Internet connection is down, you won’t be able to make or receive calls.  For this reason, we recommend using the analogue line, or your mobile, if you need to make an emergency call.  Contact Actopia’s sales team for more information about emergency calling.

What are my up-front costs?

You simply pay for ‘provisioning’, if required.  Provisioning includes:

  • Transferring, or ‘porting’ existing telephone numbers to TritonVoIP
  • Setting up call handling and routing (called IVRs)
  • Training your staff
  • Delivery, installation and/or setup of hardware
What counts as a telephone call?

A call is:

  • talking with someone from your telephone to a phone at their office
  • talking with someone from your telephone to a phone at their home
  • talking with someone from your telephone to their mobile phone
  • talking from your mobile phone to a telephone in your office
  • talking from your office telephone with someone on another telephone in your office
  • keeping a caller on hold
  • checking your voicemail from your telephone
  • a caller listening to your company automated attendant
  • every caller participating in a conference call
How do my employees get trained?

We can provide user manuals and a knowledge base containing step-by-step instructions for how to use Actopia’s TritonVoIP system.  We also provide telephone support for any other questions you may have.  You may also choose to have Actopia staff attend your site, and provide training personally; this is chargeable, but usually as part of your ‘provisioning’ costs.

What kind of Internet connection do I need?

You must have a high quality, reliable Internet connection, with enough bandwidth to support the number of lines you need.  We recommend at a minimum an ADSL broadband line from a good quality, low latency ISP.  Of course, Actopia’s sales team will be pleased to advise.

How fast should my Internet connection be?

Each call requires up to 80 kilobits per second.  You need enough bandwidth to support the number of simultaneous calls you need.  If you want to make ten calls at the same time, you should have a 1Mbit Internet connection in both directions.  Based on a typical ADSL broadband line capable of 2Mbit down and 384Kbit up, you’ll be able to make four simultaneous calls because the uplink speed is the limiting factor.  BT’s ‘Infinity’ fibre optic broadband (if available in your area) is strongly recommended, not only for its speed (supporting over 100 simultaneous calls), but also for its reliability.

How do I find out how much bandwidth I have on my Internet connection?

There are web sites that analyse your Internet connection, for example.  We recommend

Can I keep my current telephone number?

You can almost always move, or ‘port’, your current phone number to your new TritonVoIP telephone system.  We will usually handle this for you as part of the provisioning.  In certain rare cases, you may not be able to directly port your telephone number.  If you can’t move your number, or if you don’t want to move your number, you can still forward calls from your old number to the TritonVoIP telephone system.  Your current telephone company should be able to provide call forwarding or remote call forwarding for your existing number.  If you are going to forward calls from your old number, make sure your old system can forward enough calls.  If you have more than one call coming in to the old number at the same time, you want them all forwarded.

What do I do while my telephone numbers are being moved?

This is usually instantaneous, with no more than around 10 to 30 minutes downtime.  If necessary, we will give you temporary telephone numbers while you are waiting for your telephone numbers to port.  During this period, you can forward calls from your existing telephone numbers to these temporary numbers.

Who owns my phone number?

Telephone numbers are rented, not owned.  You have to make a payment every month to keep any phone number you are using, regardless of your phone service provider.  We will of course allow you to transfer (port) the number to a new provider, in the unlikely event you wish to do so.

Can I keep my phone number if I leave Actopia?

Yes.  This is only limited by your ability to transfer a telephone number to a new provider.  Actopia does not place any restrictions on transferring your telephone number to a different provider.

What kind of telephones do I need?

The Actopia TritonVoIP system supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) telephones, often referred to as an IP phone. Each TritonVoIP seat includes a free premium IP desk phone.

What telephones can I purchase from Actopia?

We sell a range of phones as standalone units or as part of a TritonVoIP contract.  Our sales team will be pleased to advise.

Is Actopia’s network reliable?

Indeed it is.  Actopia’s network was built to provide unparalleled reliability.  Our cloud architecture offers:

  • High capacity – designed to handle 100% of call traffic during peak-load conditions
  • Redundant databases – back-up copies of your configuration and call records are always ready
  • Local diversity – redundant servers and facilities are provisioned in each site to provide local protection against failure
  • Geographic diversity – redundant servers are located in locations throughout Europe and the UK
  • Carrier diversity – multiple SIP trunk providers are used to connect our customers to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)