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Why choose Actopia TritonVoIP?

National coverage, local approach…

We are Actopia

We have been in business supplying and supporting the IT needs of thousands of clients since 1993.  In 2010, we turned our attention to telephony, and brought our unique ethos, pride of service and quality of workmanship to VoIP that we have done with IT.  We are Actopia – a different kind of telecoms company!

We are different

Actopia’s TritonVoIP: state-of-the-art telephony combined with good, old-fashioned customer service.  Actopia’s hosted solution (TritonVoIP) is a true PBX, and has all of the PBX features large businesses have been enjoying for years.  We created the solution so small and medium businesses could have the same benefits as big ones, and more.  Just tell us how many employees will be on the phone system at any given time, and we take care of the rest.

Unlike the majority of VoIP systems offered to small and medium businesses, we provide a true business-class telephony solution. Customers can select the system that fits their business needs, based on their number of employees, how many phones they need, and what they require these phones to do.

Most other hosted system providers want to see you expensive hardware.  We simply charge a flat monthly rate for the telephone, connection to our service and, if required, maintenance.  Our system also allows the customer to have as many phone numbers as they would like, and this is independent of the number of lines they need to make calls. We do all of this in a very simple fee format, including flat rate pricing for unlimited calling plans.  Also, there is no need to figure out how many long distance calls you’ll make, or what time of the day you’ll make them; we provide all the calling you want to make for one simple fee.

At Actopia, we like to keep it simple for our customers. The only up-front cost is for provisioning the system, i.e. handling the move from your old system to the new one.  If the system is to be a ‘clean installation’, i.e. new numbers and no requirements for setting up call routes or etc., this cost is usually zero.  This allows our clients maximum flexibility in choosing their telephony solution, whilst keeping it as simple as possible.

We are stable and reliable

Your business relies on communication.  We understand.  Actopia has built an extremely reliable network and utilises true carrier-grade software.  Together, we call it ‘TritonVoIP’.  Resilience and redundancy has been built in to our network, right from the start.  From the servers, to the network equipment, to our SIP providers and connections, everything has been engineered for the utmost in stable, reliable operation.

Actopia has built a distributed Internet-based system that is fully redundant down to the core of the system.  Our system is located in Germanys premier data-centre, with massive power protection, cooling capability and actual physical security.  Even if a customer had something happen to interfere with system access at their specific location, the system would still be running on the internet, and people calling the business' phone would get answered.  Our system also allows customers to set up their own backup, so if something happened locally to the business, and they were not able to be there, the system would find them with the “Find me Follow me” feature.

Our company is as reliable as our systems are; we have been in business since 1993, and are financially stable with no debt.  The people who built the company, run the company. We are a business just like the businesses we sell to - offering great quality products and services to our customers, at an affordable, all-inclusive price.

We are scalable

As your business grows, TritonVoIP grows too.  Our TritonVoIP Platform can scale from a single phone to thousands… all connected to one PBX system in the cloud.  These systems can also be joined together to create almost infinite levels of size and/or complexity.  Everything you need for business telephony is included in the service.

Actopia’s TritonVoIP system is extremely scalable for all customers.  However, we focus on small to medium business. Our phone services can be started with a single phone, and grow, if required, to over a thousand.  All of this, without needing any additional requirements or changes at the customer site except ensuring the broadband connection is fast enough to support as many outgoing / incoming calls as required.  Additional capacity can be ordered through us, and we are here to help and advice as often and as much as you need.  In addition, customers can have as many phone numbers as they like, independent from the number of lines they need to make calls. A business can have more phone numbers pointing to their business than phones on the system, and still only pay our simple, easy to understand charges.

As the customer grows, Actopia’s TritonVoIP system will scale. Since our system is online ‘in the Internet cloud’, there is no need for any equipment on the customer site other than the phones themselves.  A business can have as many sites as it needs; we have eliminated the need for phone numbers and lines to be associated with each other.  A company only needs to ensure the broadband speed is capable of supporting as many calls that would take place simultaneously on the system.  We can provide all the company sites with local phone numbers, without additional line charges. Locations can be added to the system in a matter of hours from the time of order to the time the employee's phone is ringing.

In addition to the ability to provide hundreds of phones on one system, Actopia has the ability to blend multiple systems together to allow for very large installations.  This is not a focus of our company, but has been built in anyway.  We did this so our customers could work on their own business and growth, and not have to worry about needing to upgrade or buy a new system because they outgrew the last system they purchased. With Actopia’s TritonVoIP, you never have to worry about your phone system again.

We are cost effective

High quality calling without the low quality service.  We believe Actopia’s TritonVoIP VoIP solution to be the most cost effective VoIP solution offered in the market place today.  We have flat rate pricing with no hidden fees or charges - what you get quoted is what you get billed.  We do not have hidden up lift charges on features or services. You get our full feature list with all of the advanced feature like voicemail-to-email and conference bridges with our service at no extra charge.  We are in the business of providing a high quality service at an affordable price for the SME/SMB.

At Actopia, we take our pricing and service very seriously - it is our goal to be the lowest overall cost solution for business telephone services, without sacrificing features and functions.  According to our research, we are currently amongst the lowest overall cost for all of the features we offer, and in most cases even competitive with what other providers consider to be basic services.  Most other VoIP companies have a tiered service model; if a business wants advanced features they have to pay more, not us.

We decided early on that we were going to be the “Simple Business VoIP Company.”  We created a flat rate model for pricing, and offer all of our features to everyone for one simple price.  There are really only two things you need to know to identify your needs: how many phones you need for your business, and how many people will be using the phone system.

The largest up front cost to a business when buying phone service is the cost of the phones.  At Actopia, we decided to eliminate this entirely.  Although you can purchase the hardware yourself, we find that our clients would rather simply rent the phones from us, thus avoiding the huge capital expenditure associated with a large hardware purchase.  In addition to keeping down the capital costs by renting phones, Actopia can sell business phones if a customer prefers to this method.

We believe in our service and pricing so much that the only contract a client signs is for the rental term of the telephone hardware.  We do not require our customers to sign a connection contract or have any required term for it.  In terms of lead time, we can usually get a business up and running in less than a week from placing an order – but if your business needs something faster, we can certainly expedite the process and have gotten customers up and running in a matter of days.