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A business telephony case study


M&D Law is a leading provider of legal services to the receivables financing industry.  M&D provides friendly and business-oriented advice to a range of banks and finance houses, and it provides tailored solutions to a wide range of legal issues with a particular focus on client failure and bulk debt recovery.  As a result of experiencing rapid growth over the last several years, M&D's telephone platform and wide area network no longer met its current needs or projected growth.  With a busy office, and the need for remote workers, the WAN needed to support its data requirements and integrate voice services whilst maintaining the highest level of security for its clients.  In particular, the need to maintain business continuity was a concern; should a disaster strike M&D is required to provide “zero downtime” to its demanding client-base.


  • High cost of calls
  • No centralised Voice Mail Platform
  • No centralised answering position (receptionist)
  • No standardisation of telecom or data equipment
  • Inability to transfer calls between remote workers or offices
  • Inability to answers calls from any location if needed
  • Limited capability of existing wide area network, including ability to expand
  • Applications drove up internet and network bandwidth consumption
  • No fall-back should the single broadband connection be down
  • Only four calls maximum may be in progress at once
  • Migration to new system must have zero downtime


  • VoIP Platform: Actopia TritonVoIP platform with Cisco endpoints
  • Integrated high-speed 40Mb BT Infinity fibre optic broadband, with additional 24Mb backup broadband that would support M&D's data and telecom needs
  • Fall-back from BT fibre optic to standard DSL
  • Telecom Equipment – Cisco SPA VoIP handsets with attendant consoles for heavy users
  • Integrated Voice Mail with Unified messaging/voicemail-to-email functionality
  • Roll-out time: 5 days planning, installed and configured operational in under 2 days
  • TritonVoIP means that there are no limits to number of simultaneous calls
  • TritonVoIP implemented alongside existing telephony; as soon as the number port completed the VoIP telephones instantly became active – zero downtime


  • Zero cost to call between office/remote workers
  • 20%+ reduction in geographic/mobile call costs over BT
  • More efficient use of M&D's data network (clear ROI)
  • Centralised Voicemail
  • Centralised answering position (receptionist)
  • Shared network for Voice and Data networks with integrated fall-back/connectivity redundancy
  • Fixed monthly cost – no hardware capital expenditure
  • Higher level of security
  • Scalable to match future business growth and needs


Managing Partner, Matthew Halton

Actopia has been our trusted IT provider for over 6 years now, and so naturally its TritonVoIP platform was worthy of investigation when we needed to upgrade our ageing telephony infrastructure.  We knew the service was already excellent; the icing on the cake was that its VoIP platform beat competitor offerings hands-down on almost every comparable metric.  Our staff have been thrilled with the new Cisco handsets, and for features, price, and quality of support, they had no equal.